Way Past Bedtime #96.The Last Harvest

Yep folks, time for another show. Look, I haven’t been able to get this registered back in iTunes yet oweing to the system they have being a bit tricky. So please subscribe via the feedburner feed. I’m working on it honest! Feedburner feed is this one:- http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheWayPastBedtimeShow


Way Past Bedtime #96.The Last Harvest
Gordon accidentally records his show on Halloween. Oh well, the music is good though. Aye.
When the Sun Always Shines – Ghost Children of Calico,
Life Cycles – Nothing Til Blood,
Weeping Willow – Persian Claws,
Nosi – Sect23,
I Met The Devil – King Pug,
Leaf In The Tree – Frozen Ocean Wave,
Ready, Willing, and Able – Kris Brown,
Edward Goreys Bedtime Story – Nights Bright Colors


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