I am a Scottish singer songwriter living in Switzerland. I have recorded over 15 records in as many years. I write songs of love and joy and sadness and anger using an old piano and sometimes just by bashing out beats on a drum machine and strumming along on a guitar. If I get stuck lyrically I tend to set an old typewriter loose on my ideas.

I have a rock ‘n roll side. I sing for Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, a tribute to The Sensational Alex Harvey Band with all the high camp rock theatre that this implies.  I have had the honour of fronting some shows with members from the original Sensational Alex Harvey Band singing for Chris Glen and The Outfit.

I also sing and play keys in the fabulous Giant Stone Eater. A band playing a juicy mix of covers and originals.

Gustav Bertha was my artist name between 2001 and 2008. I recorded 8 albums worth of material under that name and signed a physical distribution deal with Swiss label Rec Rec before switching to writing and performing under my own name in 2009. I played nearly a hundred gigs with the trio Gordon Bell & The Sinking Ships between 2009 to 2012. A few years before that I played for a few years with some lovely blokes in a band called sLow. I could keep going back, there have been quite a few musical adventures!. Apart from all this and that my oldest running band is The Secret Life of Andrew Aston. We rehearse most weeks in a cellar and have just started playing some shows. Wonders never cease.

I am also the host and producer of the long running podcast Way Past Bedtime.

This podcast has an associated Youtube channel where I load films I do of various local and international bands. Check it here: https://www.youtube.com/user/waypastbedtime/videos

I am a keen film photographer and have one of those instagram thingys here: https://www.instagram.com/gordy.pops/

  1. Tony Bell said:

    Enjoyed listening to the songs – especially 16 Candles

    • gordon said:

      thanks Tony. Nice to see you were here.

  2. caffeinetangent said:

    Elephant Song is excellent. Good work & hello!

  3. Sharon and Rusty McNish said:

    16 candles was very well done! Congrats

  4. Is there a way to hear the podcast and share them? Thanks!

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