I am a Scottish singer songwriter. I have recorded over 15 records in as many years. I write songs of love and joy and sadness and anger using an old piano and sometimes just by bashing out beats on a drum machine and strumming along on a guitar. If I get stuck lyrically I tend to set an old typewriter loose on my ideas.

I sing and play keys in the fabulous Giant Stone Eater. A band inspired by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. We play mainly originals with some covers thrown in.

Gustav Bertha was my artist name between 2001 and 2008. I recorded 8 albums worth of material under that name and signed a physical distribution deal with Swiss label Rec Rec before switching to writing and performing under my own name in 2009. I played nearly a hundred gigs with the trio Gordon Bell & The Sinking Ships between 2009 to 2012. A few years before that I played for a few years with some lovely blokes in a band called sLow. Between 2003 and 2018 I sang for Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. I have had the honour of doing some shows with members from the original Sensational Alex Harvey Band while singing for Chris Glen and The Outfit. Apart from all this and that my oldest running band is The Secret Life of Andrew Aston. We rehearse most weeks in a cellar and have just started playing some shows. Wonders never cease.

  1. Tony Bell said:

    Enjoyed listening to the songs – especially 16 Candles

    • gordon said:

      thanks Tony. Nice to see you were here.

  2. caffeinetangent said:

    Elephant Song is excellent. Good work & hello!

  3. Sharon and Rusty McNish said:

    16 candles was very well done! Congrats

  4. Is there a way to hear the podcast and share them? Thanks!

  5. M said:

    I really, really enjoyed listening to your music! Love you very much

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