If you’d like me or one of my bands to play a gig at your place, or if you’d just like to tell me how the weather is where you are, drop me a line.

Ich kann auch Deutsch sprechen!

Email: gordon@gordypops.com

I have a non-music blog on whereisgordypops.wordpress.com if you’re curious.

  1. memememememememememe said:

    Be a pedant if that is your whim. I was tired ok? 🙂
    Sorry for the lack of non-com. Hope you are well. My email system is playing up, but it is a new one. Think it is the software, can’t always reply. Bah.

    Lots of news in the pipeline. 4 weeks to go until baby #2. Erk.

  2. memememememememememe said:

    PS: Podfade????

    • gordypops said:

      Done, done! Lest you accuse me of this travesty against humanity once more.

  3. i’m playing “rock time” RIGHT NOW. it’s just a shame the transmitter is down in stonehaven so i can’t record it!! never mind, i’ve promoted you to laurencekirk and inverbervie (where i think most of the listeners are anyway)

    all the best, any news about the penicuik gig?


  4. thefamilysimpson said:

    i played “the policeman” tonight on the show. it’s been recorded and is uploading to my website as i type. much better quality than last time!

    all the best

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