I must confess that the Podcast has been on ice for a few years. I do hope to somehow get back to it. Keep an eye on this space… and of course… the back catalogue of over 130 episodes is out there if you’re really desperate.

Way Past Bedtime with Gordon Bell
Laid Back Musical Gems of an Alternative Nature
Subscribe to the show on this feed http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheWayPastBedtimeShow

Of course you can get it on Itunes.

Let Gordon serenade you into the small hours with his cool selection of music from the alternative, indie and underground music scenes. It will be eclectic, laid back and never too heavy. He’ll have occasional special features and interviews. Forget heavy rotation FM commercial radio – this is the best music you never heard.

Don’t forget to visit Way Past Bedtime’s YouTube Channel! Odds and ends appear there.


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