I’m slowly getting tracks down for the next release. I start out with ideas, but these records always wind up having ideas of their own. Here’s the first relatively complete premix. A dusky tale of a fireman with a water obsession, or is that a watergirl with a fireman obsession?


Yep, it’s the fifth one under my own name and you can get it on CD Baby and other amazing download sites.

A lo-fi feast of grungy guitars, warmly vintage synths and keys coupled with lyrical wonder make this record as addictive as any kind of cigarette you’ll ever smoke.

1. Existential
2. Stars
3. Giving Up Smoking
4. And All You Have
5. Shotgun Wedding
6. When I Fall
7. Japanese Mass Production Cars
8. Song for the Faithful
9. Before You Go
10. Alien in Disguise

Alright,… I did rather get stuck in a black hole around the latest record and 2013 breezed by. It’s the first year without a release in quite a while. I’m not far off the next one though, and it’s sounding pretty good. I reckon another two to three months and I’m there. I even have a title.

Meanwhile here’s a wee treat off the last one, appropriately named of course. Enjoy!

There will be a fifth Gordon Bell album this year so long as I get my act together. I am *slowly* writing and recording new songs. It doesn’t have a name yet. Here’s a taster of one of the tracks for you. It’s called Stars.

Finally it’s out. And you can grab it for a limited time for FREE here:-

This link will die when the album hits iTunes.

Special thanks to Grant and Gigi for their contributions. And a few others, you know who you are… although some of you don’t but that’s OK too. It’s Scottish Lounge Chanson at it’s finest and I used everything except the Kazoo this time.