Monthly Archives: April 2014

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Gordon presents a track from his new record aswell as playing some tracks from artists playing in and around Switzerland that he has encountered in local bars. Music from
Gordon Bell – Existential,
Josh Harty – Nowhere,
M.Fallan – The Road to Ruin,
Mousekifly – Dostoievski,
My New Mistress – Benson,
Ryan MacGrath – Straight and Narrow,
Kelly Richie – Leavin it all behind,
Perma F – The Regals



Yep, it’s the fifth one under my own name and you can get it on CD Baby and other amazing download sites.

A lo-fi feast of grungy guitars, warmly vintage synths and keys coupled with lyrical wonder make this record as addictive as any kind of cigarette you’ll ever smoke.

1. Existential
2. Stars
3. Giving Up Smoking
4. And All You Have
5. Shotgun Wedding
6. When I Fall
7. Japanese Mass Production Cars
8. Song for the Faithful
9. Before You Go
10. Alien in Disguise