Monthly Archives: September 2012

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83. A day trip to the sea

Gordon plays one track off his new record and a lot of other fine fine music. He seems a wee bit out of sorts, but it’s Sunday morning as he keeps forgetting. Enjoy.
Midnight Girl – Glitter Dick,
Isnt there really a place for me in this world – On returning,
Creation – A is for Atom,
That Rush – Malik Work,
Within Your Arms Ill Be Alright – Maria Elena Sanchez,
Skin to Skin – Earopener,
Robaire Redux – Eric Doney,
Volcano – Gordon Bell


After Kat decided to leave both the Sinking Ships and Giant Stone Eater, I rather feared both bands were dead in the water, and to be honest it took the wind out of my sails somewhat. But the guys in Stone Eater were up for finding another bassist, so we’ve drafted in Harry and we’re back to building up a set to take it. Here’s a little taste recorded off the practice room floor.

Bang Bang