Monthly Archives: November 2014

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109: Back amongst the pack.

Gordon is stoked because he finally managed to get the podcast back on iTunes. But that’s neither here nor there, the music continues to shine regardless with track like these.

Break the Bans – Sweet Pills,
Kevin MacLeod – Broken Reality,
Jarby Mc Coy – English Lesson Unit 1,
Mr and Mrs Smith – Poor Helen,
Maria Pen – Verde,
The Agrarians – All My Revolutions,
Shockbox – Kaleidoscope,
The Adoring Heirs – Andys Home,
Black Sea Hotel – Mori Dobro Vecher,
Winston – Rue Delambre



Well, after my old webspace went down it took my podcast with it, and by the time it was back up and running I couldn’t get it back into Itunes, subsequently losing a lot of listeners. No more.

Now, anyone who has tried getting a podcast registered on Itunes will realise what a fickle beast the submission process is. But at last, after over a year, I’ve fixed the problems and it’s back on the listings. Hurrah!

Here’s the link:

Of course the feedburner link is still the best one to use to subscribe: