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131. Gordy Pops and The Gaping Hole



Gordon did not put out a September show and is very contrite. He brings good music as his penance.
Portayal – On Wire,
NacNecc – Aa IV 421,
J Burn – Moonshine,
The Family Simpson – Its a Beautiful World,
The Invasion – Hows The Weather Up There,
Lonely Punk – Left The Building


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130. Dreams of an Eternal Summer


If the Summer could just go on and on and on and with music like this.
The Vivisectors – Russki Psycho,
The Black Widows Project – Love’s A Weapon,
Waiting for the sun dub – Mastermind XS,
50FOOTWAVE – Power and Light,
Animals and Men – I,
Fombolastics – Der Letzte Tag

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129. A Day Late and a Dollar Short


Gordon misses his own self imposed schedule. Hey it is summer, give him a break. He recompenses you with fabtastic tunes.
Dish Pit – Trash Queen,
Rom Com – Astronaut,
Fragile Tom – Puzzles,
Monk Turner + Fascinoma – HOLD ON,
Arc Iris – Swimming,
The Special Pillow – An Overwhelming No

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125. Emancipation


It’s nearly the first of May. Workers revolt and emancipate yourselves from your corporate slavemasters, but not before listening to this editions selection of the sublime.

Raw Pony – I wanna bleed,
Jovian Year – Absurdius Rex,
Ben Warga – Bengali Baby,
Kimbo – Guardo Il Mundo,
Lindsay Ferguson – Chameleon,
Andrea Samborski – Tiger Lilies

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125. Easter Rising


100 years is a long time. But you do not have to wait that long for succour. Here it is in the form of great music.

Gypsy Rufina – Broken Nails,
David Roviks – The Irish Spring,
Robyn Hithcock – Follow Your Money with Emma Swift,
Cutside – Sanctuarium,
Donnie Ozone – Roaches,
Shaky Tee and Lo Hi Fivin Orchestra – Where The River Runs Free,
Gypsy Rufina Bobby Helms – Fraulein

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124 The Long Wait is Finally Over


Freezing our butts off here waiting for warmer times in the alpine shed. Lets keep warm with some mellow musings from

Dave Depper – Go Go 60s,
Consortium – Krazy Madonna,
Remo De Vico – Nemeton,
The Narrow Musketeer – Ripper Wave,
Son of Robot – The Turn,
TS McBride – My Bones,
Ketsa – Inside Alone

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123. Sunday Afternoons go on and on

Yep, it is January, it is Sunday, let us get through it with some fine tunes.

SAVAK – Sick of War,
Luno – The Silent Sea,
Rayling – Decompression,
Fabe Vega – Gotta Deal With You,
David Mumford – Ball and Chain,
springtide – Anywhere Else,
maryann – Hansel and Gretel

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122. Hogmany Business as Usual

Gordon putting out a nice wee show on Hogmany although the music is not themed in any way. Its always good though, oh yes.

Low Doses – Bee Sting,

David Mumford – Night Without Sleep,

A la Mode – Mountaintop,

Fake Species – Already Happenning,

Lonely Kid Quentin Ensemble – Le Philosophe ,

Na2ral Born Killers – Everlasting Grace,

Rest You Sleeping Giant – Themes from Frost

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121. The Ascendance of Winter

Winter is here. Lets cosy up and listen to some great tunes from the local and wider scene.

Dirty Blondes – Go Go Baby Go,
The Willing – Laurens a Bitch,
Cross My Heart Hope to Die – tears of god,
Fufanu – Your Collection,
Music for Rabbits – Animal,
Zebra – Ocean,
Kai Engel – Morbid Imagination