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59. The Lost Art of Penance(play)

Sat, 26 June 2010

Gordon spins a couple of tracks from his new album aswell as deluging you with the very finest tunes in podlandia. Gordon Bell – Voodoo Doll, Richard Kapp and the Gowns – It’s Too Loud, The Round Square – Stop Freaking Me OUt, Sandra Rayne – Better Next Year, Edith Piaf – Mon Dieux, The Clowns – Generation D, Gordon Bell – Galileo


Finally it’s out. And you can grab it for a limited time for FREE here:-

This link will die when the album hits iTunes.

Special thanks to Grant and Gigi for their contributions. And a few others, you know who you are… although some of you don’t but that’s OK too. It’s Scottish Lounge Chanson at it’s finest and I used everything except the Kazoo this time.