My Moscow days are probably coming to an end quite soon. It‘s been nearly 2 years. An unexpected stay. Not much music in that time, but that‘s ok. I will probably release a collection of songs within the next two years. There‘s no rush. The world doesn‘t really need it, and I feel I can take my time.

One of the songs on it will probably be some version of this song, „Days“. I hashed together this video using the 1922 film Nosferatu. The song did start out as something about a vampire, although as usual with my songs it morphed into something else during writing. But the Noferatu cuts still fit it ok.


Last Autumn I went up to hang out in Hamburg with my good pal Naomi for a couple of days. It sure is an interesting town. Naomi was playing something called a Songwriter Slam, which is basically like an open mic where they pick a winner at the end. Someone dropped out at the last minute, so Naomi unbeknown to me put my name down on the list. I got up and did Spaceman’s Tale which works well on a real piano and they had a lovely grand piano. Later and quite by chance, I found this film of my efforts. As often happens before I fly I barely slept the night before and was feeling really spaced out, so I am genuinely not quite there doing this. Anyway, it was fun and I met some cool people.

I’d been meaning to make some decent live videos of The Sinking Ships for sometime. A bit of a sticking point was where to do it. After considering halls, factories, fields and the like, I finally realised that my lounge at home was actually a decent place. So, a couple of weeks ago we emptied everything out and set ourselves up. Then Urs Rusterholz and Raphaelle Gisi came round and filmed us playing a couple of tunes. Here are the results:

Our next task is to make one of these story video thingmyjigs. We’ll see…

  I wrote this song a couple of days ago. It’s rather sad and mournful. Infact it’s rather tragic. I seem to write sad songs easily. I don’t feel sad though. Thoughtful sometimes for sure.  Anyhow, I haven’t done any of the youtube vids of me playing for a while. I always feel a bit exposed doing that kind of stuff. It’s totally different from playing live because you have this invisible audience who you have no way of knowing properly. But I think I’m going to “pre-release” the whole next album as live takes. Maybe it’s interesting to see the pieces migrate from the live pieces just after writing to the finished CD recordings. So anyway, here’s the first one of these. It’s raw and has a few wee glitches in it including my ugly puss, so warts and all – 16 Candles.