I upload the odd track and work in progress to soundcloud.

And finally, after a couple of years of laziness and procrastination, I’ve fixed all the broken links . Sorry for the delay. Dive in, enjoy!

A selection of free tracks for your mp3 player, radio show or podcast:
Gordon Bell / Gustav Bertha - Podsafe and Free


Gordon Bell

  Gordon Bell - The 12 Uses of a Dead tape Cassette Gordon Bell - The Lost Art Of Penance Gordon Bell - Songs for the Broken Hearted

Gordon Bell and The Sinking Ships
Gordon Bell and The Sinking Ships - Animal Kingdom

Gustav Bertha
Gustav Bertha - True North Gustav Bertha - Small Adventures in the Great Domestic Wilderness Gustav Bertha - Z:06 Gustav Bertha - Defective Gustav Bertha - My Life as a Dog   Gustav Bertha - Babble Gustav Bertha - Cafe Creme Gustav Bertha - The Hose Room Gustav Bertha - Songs for Gigi

The Secret Life of Andrew Aston

Caffeine Injunction EP (2001)
Memoires of a Goldfish (2016) – mail me if you want a copy. I’ll send you it for free.


StranGe enchantment (1999), Subermerging Meadows Green Boundaries (2000), blurredvisionsforfuzzystrangers (2001)


Shuteye Records - Buzzlighter 7 Shuteye Records - Buzzlighter 3


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