Well, after my old webspace went down it took my podcast with it, and by the time it was back up and running I couldn’t get it back into Itunes, subsequently losing a lot of listeners. No more.

Now, anyone who has tried getting a podcast registered on Itunes will realise what a fickle beast the submission process is. But at last, after over a year, I’ve fixed the problems and it’s back on the listings. Hurrah!

Here’s the link:

Of course the feedburner link is still the best one to use to subscribe:



After Kat decided to leave both the Sinking Ships and Giant Stone Eater, I rather feared both bands were dead in the water, and to be honest it took the wind out of my sails somewhat. But the guys in Stone Eater were up for finding another bassist, so we’ve drafted in Harry and we’re back to building up a set to take it. Here’s a little taste recorded off the practice room floor.

Bang Bang

Sad to say for reason’s a bit out of my control there is no more sinking ships. If you want the details drop me a line. I will play on as always and the possibility of a future similar set up is also there, but it will not be The Sinking Ships. In my true ironic fashion I thought Gordon Bell & The Lead Balloons has a nice sound to it. We’ll see.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged us in all the ways that you did. And to Kat and Ray for the good times.

I’m planning to get a few things done this year. Hopefully not over ambitious.

    Gordon Bell & The Sinking Ships

1. First up I’m hoping to finish a short album with the Sinking Ships. At a later date this might become a longer album, but hey… small steps.
2. Sometime in the midst of that we’ll do a video. I actually got my camera to do just that, but thus far have wound up fliming other bands and taking photos of plants and household pets…, so… we better do a wee video.

    Gordon Bell

3. As always there are new songs. I’ll release an album sometime this year. It will be called, “Tapeworms”.
4. I have been listening to old plasticpsychobabble recordings from ten years ago. This is basically me pre Gustav Bertha. I actually quite like a lot of it. So, I’ve decided I’ll remaster a selection and release a record. I’ll put it out under my own name and call it plasticpsychobabble.
5. I’m slowly writing up all my lyrics from about 1999 until now. I plan to do a book of them and mix it up with some suitable photos. I doubt anyone will be remotely interested, but what the heck, I’ll do it for prosperity. That and it keeps me off the streets, eh?

OK, there you go. My To Do list… I’ll see how well I did by Jan 2012.

I was on here a while ago moaning about flyers that bars and venues do for bands. Anyway, I ought to congratulate the flip side. Big kudos to Kafi Für Dich for doing us a couple of lovely flyers. I show one of them here. Definitely two of my favourites so far! Thanks, and thanks too for letting us play your lovely place too.