Hi folks,

Phew it’s been a while since I posted!

couple of new dates.

I’m playing with the fabulous Elektra Medusa (photo) as a sideman. We’ll play a couple of my songs too. It’ll be fun. Hope to see you there!

Thursday 26.Feb.2023 @ Rouine, Feldbergstrasse 71, 4057 Basel

and then much later:-
Saturday, 22. Apr.2023 @ BSCENE, Kaserneareal, 4057 Basel

Stick ’em in your diaries.




Well, it’s something for Autumn 2021 at least. Two shows coming up:

1st October in Rouine, Basel

18th November in Cargo Bar Basel.

We’ll play Rouine with the wonderful Electra Medusa. Come out, make a night of it – we have some new stuff too.

Sadly Kat decided to leave the band, but we’re lucky enough to have Ralf who played in an earlier incarnation back on bass with us. We’ve got absolutely no new promotional material with the new line up yet. So here’s a photo of Ralf and Rob enjoying a post practice drink. see you soon!

I played a really mellow sesh on the piano last month at Parterre. It was weird playing this at 11 in the morning… better to hear it in the wee hours. Many thanks to Robi and Marvin.

Haven’t been so social these days, but I am writing and recording new material since I’m back in Basel. Also working with slightly different incarnations of Giant Stone Eater and The Deadly Eddies (once known as The Secret Life of Andrew Aston). Hopefully more on all that soon. Bye for now!

Hi folks…

I ran into Robert Vlim in the street the other day amidst the semi lockdown in Basel and he invited me to play a show at Parterre… naturally (or should that be unnaturally) without audience.

It will stream on 2nd April 2021 at 2030 CET on Parterre’s Facebook page. Hope you can tune in! They are streaming other local artists over these weeks too. Well worth checking.


My Moscow days are probably coming to an end quite soon. It‘s been nearly 2 years. An unexpected stay. Not much music in that time, but that‘s ok. I will probably release a collection of songs within the next two years. There‘s no rush. The world doesn‘t really need it, and I feel I can take my time.

One of the songs on it will probably be some version of this song, „Days“. I hashed together this video using the 1922 film Nosferatu. The song did start out as something about a vampire, although as usual with my songs it morphed into something else during writing. But the Noferatu cuts still fit it ok.

So, I‘m stuck in Moscow now. Living here since 2018 actually, but now unable to leave. I hadn‘t written anything since 2018, but finally I‘ve started the next record. I actually don‘t have so much time to do it. But, I‘ll make the best of the time I have. Hopefully my future me doesn‘t finish the record here. That would be a bad sign.6A835CFB-39F1-43F9-A1ED-6D66F270AEF4

Last Month Giant Stone Eater played in the beautiful Sommercasino in Basel at the record launch of our pals Scratches. A pleasure! The gig went well : good turnout and a cool atmosphere. We played pretty well considering we had hardly any opportunity to practice recently as I’ve been based in Moscow this past year.

And, we had our first review! Woohoo… Disappointingly it was a really bad one.  Strangely he thought we only played covers when most of the set was our own songs. Anyway, you can read Micahel Bohli’s report for the online hobbyzine Art Noir here: https://artnoir.ch/bericht-scratches-2019-10-11/ Each to his own.
I totally enjoyed the evening and really enjoy playing with these guys. Thanks Scratches for the invite!
And here’s a couple of videos from the night:
Spaceman’s Tale
Faith Healer (Sensational Alex Harvey Band)

Over the last two years I was doodling a bit in my cellar in Basel.

Trying to really not care if the music was cliched and a bit cheese-laden, but essentially keeping it heart felt. I have been living in another state of flux. Slightly nomadic. Feeling untethered, for a part of it at least. Perhaps a little lost even.

Then towards the end of last year, I moved to Moscow with 9 unmixed tracks on my disk.

Slowly, very slowly and mainly over headphones I mixed them up. In a small corner of my bedroom.

As always it’s a snapshot of a period in my life.

For a limited time you can grab the free download.

Click on the album below and the free download link is on the album’s page. It’s a zip file with all the tracks.

Enjoy, and as always send me your thoughts.