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82. The Ships Sank
Gordon announces the end of the Sinking Ships, sadly… but the music goes on. Dynasty Electric – Wildcat, Macedo – City Lights, Not Dead Only frozen – Teenage Vampire Killers, Hooker Clops – Beer Up Here, Chris Daniels and the Kings – Medical Marajuana, Ghost Children of Calico – Sweet Embrace


Sad to say for reason’s a bit out of my control there is no more sinking ships. If you want the details drop me a line. I will play on as always and the possibility of a future similar set up is also there, but it will not be The Sinking Ships. In my true ironic fashion I thought Gordon Bell & The Lead Balloons has a nice sound to it. We’ll see.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged us in all the ways that you did. And to Kat and Ray for the good times.

At the start of the year I had the immense pleasure of filling in for Max at Chris Glen’s Festive gig on the Ferry. It’s taken me a while to post about this. I’m not sure why, although probably because it was a really big deal for me and I was a bit shellshocked and extremely honoured to be asked. Anyway, it was a blast and a great start to the year! Here’s a wee vid…