Monthly Archives: August 2013
An August edition of Way Past Bedtime inspite of the feed problems, please share the podcast round, it has great music from little known musicians.

On Returning – An Island for your Savium,
Fabe Vega – Anybody,
Special Guests – Mayor Wilson,
Minor Delilah – Sorry on Sunday,
King Pug – Think About It,
Kara Square and Piero Peluche – Pheromones,
Project Revival – Texas,
The House of Jed – Coming Off Pretty


There was a podcast last month, but I have run into problems with the webspace holding the shows feed, so chances are you didn’t get it. I’ll fix this at some point. But as always the show must go on! Keep watching the blog on for now and you will miss no shows.

#93 Way Past Bedtime: It is HOT!

The heat is crushing in Basel but Gordon’s relishing it and what better weather to push out a show of brilliant chilled out tracks.
Pretty Visitors – Down The Line,
Andy Palmer – The Monk,
Alexander Chereshnev – Diskotanz,
Soft Plastic – Halilopeux,
AM – Wayside,
Alamanac Mountain – Manzanita,
202s – Shoot You Down,
All India Radio – Open Sky Experiment