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Right the most important thing about this show is tha the old feed is dead. So, hopefully you find this one. Well not quite the most important thing, that would be the brilliant music. Opium Symphony – Down The Rabbit Home, The Inevitable Pinhole Burns – Cassie, Fools Chaos – Silent Screams, Headons – Sauna, Human Face – After Lunch, The Stamps – Space Horse, Egon – Hooked on the Truck


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The hosting site I’ve been using has gone dead… so if you’re looking for the podcast at the minute you’re definitely not getting it. I’m slowly moving everything over to wordpress and will have reregister a new feed with itunes and the rest. It’s a pain actually but I’m nearly there.
And, it means my email is also toast. At the minute I’m back on my old yahoo. So any queries send them to

Normal, bigger, better service will resume shortly!

Last Autumn I went up to hang out in Hamburg with my good pal Naomi for a couple of days. It sure is an interesting town. Naomi was playing something called a Songwriter Slam, which is basically like an open mic where they pick a winner at the end. Someone dropped out at the last minute, so Naomi unbeknown to me put my name down on the list. I got up and did Spaceman’s Tale which works well on a real piano and they had a lovely grand piano. Later and quite by chance, I found this film of my efforts. As often happens before I fly I barely slept the night before and was feeling really spaced out, so I am genuinely not quite there doing this. Anyway, it was fun and I met some cool people.