well, had a nice night in Kafi für Dich with Urs Matravers and his band aswell as Pink Spider. I played a set with my guitar for the first time ever, and it seemed to be OK. Thanks to Valerie for the wee photo!


We got a wee speel in the fabulous Züritipp today. I must confess, I get a buzz when that happens. It’s for our Café Henrici gig tonight. Hey, hey!

I’m playing a show with some other singer songwriters. It’s kind of a band together and back each other up kind of thing. I’ll probably put forward three of my songs. Also there are Heinz Bernegger, Timothy Jaromir, Luca Honneger and Jannick Pfenninger. I think Heinz has even found us a drummer. Anyway, it’ll be a cool evening with some good tunes, a cozy ambience and sweet sweet moments. Come along!

It’s here:-

Smeileys, Berninastrasse 43,8057 Zürich. (Benninaplatz Tram 10 / 14)