Well, after my old webspace went down it took my podcast with it, and by the time it was back up and running I couldn’t get it back into Itunes, subsequently losing a lot of listeners. No more.

Now, anyone who has tried getting a podcast registered on Itunes will realise what a fickle beast the submission process is. But at last, after over a year, I’ve fixed the problems and it’s back on the listings. Hurrah!

Here’s the link:

Of course the feedburner link is still the best one to use to subscribe:



There will be a fifth Gordon Bell album this year so long as I get my act together. I am *slowly* writing and recording new songs. It doesn’t have a name yet. Here’s a taster of one of the tracks for you. It’s called Stars.

After Kat decided to leave both the Sinking Ships and Giant Stone Eater, I rather feared both bands were dead in the water, and to be honest it took the wind out of my sails somewhat. But the guys in Stone Eater were up for finding another bassist, so we’ve drafted in Harry and we’re back to building up a set to take it. Here’s a little taste recorded off the practice room floor.

Bang Bang

I have just bought a Dulcitone. I’m hoping this is the end of long search for my perfect busking instrument. I’ve already bought and half learnt the accordion. I can *kind of* play it, but the leap to really master it is one I just don’t quite have the energy to make. Basically I’ve been looking for something portable that can be played like a piano and needs no electricity or amplification. I’ve already become obsessed with dulcimers and cymbalons through this journey which has had me seriously considering a trip to Hungary or Poland. So, enter the Dulcitone which I discovered accidentally while looking up harmoniums. There are some wierd karmic things going on here I swear it. It turns out the dulcitone was made in Glasgow by a fellow called Thomas Machell in the late 1800s. Glasgow is of course where I was born and I really do have a thing about objects from around this time. The instrument is not in perfect condition by a long way. I’ll see exactly how much when it arrives. I’ve probably paid over the odds for it and even more as it needs shipped from California to Switzerland plus whatever restoration work it’s going to require but somehow the idea of having this has overwhelmed me. I’m going to document this pretty fully over on with videos and photos. If you read that blog regularly, you have been warned.

Gordon Bell & The Sinking Ships –
Gordon Bells Lieder sind der Dunkelheit tiefster Nacht entwachsen. Von einer rostigen, alten Schreibmaschine in ein unendliches Meer schwarzen Kaffees hineingeboren, umspielt von Melodien, die aus einem schäbigen Casio Keyboard dringen, berichten sie von gar wunderlichen Dingen: Es sind Geschichten von Liebe und Trug, von Schönheiten und Bestien, die Gordon & seine Crew –  Kat Tieftontaucher und Professor Ray Gunn –  in einen wohlig warmen Klangteppich verweben. Als Gordon Bell & The Sinking Ships befahren sie unermüdlich die stürmische See Helvetiens, mit einer Kielladung voll unerhört schwarzhumoriger Geschichten die Herzen ihrer Zuhörerschaft zu erwärmen.