Monthly Archives: January 2014

Alright,… I did rather get stuck in a black hole around the latest record and 2013 breezed by. It’s the first year without a release in quite a while. I’m not far off the next one though, and it’s sounding pretty good. I reckon another two to three months and I’m there. I even have a title.

Meanwhile here’s a wee treat off the last one, appropriately named of course. Enjoy!


Gordon is back in Switzerland after New Year, but only just what with passport mix ups and so on. This is the 99th show, and it is amazing with great music like

Traveling Broke and Out of Gas – Run for your lives,
Woodrow Gerber – Limited,
Jims Big Ego – My Cult,
Lizzie Davis – Broken Things,
Dead in 5 – Wreck Your World,
Kito Peters – X-ray,
The Kelly Richey Band – Fast Drivin Mama,
Gordon Scott – The Subterraneans

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