Casa Bar gig

For the curious, here’s a video from the new band’s first gig “Gordon Bell and the Sinking Ships” at the Casa Bar. With Ray Gunn on drums and Kat Kunz on bass/sax.

  1. This is how it is, the singer sings ad the audience talks – anyway – great performace, still a goog song!



    • Gordon said:

      Hey Rolf,
      Thanks for that. To be honest I really like playing bars where we’re not the total focus. There was a great ambience at that gig.
      Hope to catch you soon.

  2. Chris said:

    Great, I mean really. I always wondered how your music would sound with a band, and yeah, finally you did it. Good to hear and see. Keep them coming.

    • Gordon said:

      Long time Chris! What news from your side?

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