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I’ve got a blog you know.

It covers other music than my own (quite often with slick commentary *cough*) and little videos. I also stick book and film reviews up there and even the occasional rant. Consider it the literary arm of the Way Past Bedtime podcast. Anyway, it’s here:


Did a long overdue podcast tonight. Could be a while til the next, so lap it up folks while you can.


Last show in a while and for a while. Gordon is moving to a new abode. Great tuneage as always such as,
Istvan and his Imaginary Band – Quitter,
Motormouth Mabel – Dance Pollution,
Alina Simone – Snowfall and Starlight,
Angela Neiman (Pumcliks) – Jack Frost (live),
Jettators – Seattle,
All India Radio – Tropic of Unicorn