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125. Easter Rising


100 years is a long time. But you do not have to wait that long for succour. Here it is in the form of great music.

Gypsy Rufina – Broken Nails,
David Roviks – The Irish Spring,
Robyn Hithcock – Follow Your Money with Emma Swift,
Cutside – Sanctuarium,
Donnie Ozone – Roaches,
Shaky Tee and Lo Hi Fivin Orchestra – Where The River Runs Free,
Gypsy Rufina Bobby Helms – Fraulein


108. The wonder of a lost hour.

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Lets face it we have to dig hard to find the gems, so why not just let Gordon dig through that slowly freezing crust of mediocrity and mass production to reach the really good stuff and bring you an hour of wonder. Here
is the playlist:

Zombie Met Girl – Disco Truck,
Jeremy Mage and the Magi – Long Coast Line,
Rave Boar – Faux Love,
Gabriel Miller Phillips – Dolphins,
woodrowgerber – Pretend,
Azwel – Out on a Limb,
Zool – Streetgirls,
Zoetrope – Asteroid,
Reign of Lies – Apache




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Gordon returns from the Nots tour and realises he has actually been to Newport Pagnell service station, the town of one of the bands he plays tonight. A tenuous link but they all play spectacular tunes. Oh yes.
The Chair – The Big Set,
Lonny Ziblat – the Shadow of my Day,
The Ghosts of Vegas – So What Cal,
Azwell – The Writing on the Wall,
Rise Bailey Rise – Lady Radio,
Gudjohr – Seek a Resistance,
Salt Fish Forty – Sleepy Hied,
Leaving Richmond – with your own 2 hands

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The World Cup is in Brazil, The NOTS are off to Britain, there is music everywhere.
Keep Smiling and here is todays tracklist.

Endelouz – Beautiful Junkie,
Lucia de Carvalho – Vem Ver,
Egon-music – Hook On The Truck,
Pink Spider – Stuck in the Middle,
Adam Traum – Muddy Water,
Dead Revolver – Metanoia,
Midwest Tourist – Don’t Shave My Beard When I Die,
Justin Kleiner – Everything Slowly

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As we drift into Summer, Gordon presents us with some juicy music that comes from artists with a numbers thing.
69 Noses – Mans Guitar,
Adam Hear the Sea – Chalk Tongue,
31D1 – sick rose,
2 Drunks and A Guitar – Clutches of the Damned,
42 shades of gray – city cowboy,
2FB – This Is Insane,

Gordon and Kat do another interview with Phillipe Savary on Radio LORA. It is Christmas after all. Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Jacques Brel, The Secret Life of Andrew Aston, We Are Not From Norway, Rio Reiser, Giant Stone Eater, Gordon Bell are all played on the show most of whom of course involve either Kat or Gordon or both. Excuse the fBombs.

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Way Past Bedtime: 84. A show of ghosts

Gordon gets the show out early this month as he is off on tour with Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Great music for an Autumn Evening. Enjoy.
The Millipede – The Attack of the Enormous Skeleton from Pluto,
Cobra Dukes – Leave The Light On,
Etrangers – Time To Leave,
Freaky Cleen – Evil Man,
Derek Webb – A Real Ghost,
Kirstin Mirelle,
Ghost Children of Calico – All My Minds a Buzz,
Steve Wright Mark – I wanna

Way Past Bedtime: 84. A show of ghosts

Fri, 10 September 2010

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60. Bring me your sound(play)

Mister Bell got back from a British Minitour so he warbles on about that and then shares the dates of his Swiss mini tour this month. He just goes on and on without saying anything interesting at all. Thankfully there is good music to stop you drifting off into a stupour or unsubscribing completely. But only if you send it to us.
Alex Harvey – Nervous, The Geese – Tinder, Phil Brown – You’ve got me floating (live), Richard Kapp and the Gowns – Pieces, Shank Godley Butcher – Noone Wins, Kol Simcha – Freilach, Edith Piaf – Le vieux piano