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Last Month Giant Stone Eater played in the beautiful Sommercasino in Basel at the record launch of our pals Scratches. A pleasure! The gig went well : good turnout and a cool atmosphere. We played pretty well considering we had hardly any opportunity to practice recently as I’ve been based in Moscow this past year.

And, we had our first review! Woohoo… Disappointingly it was a really bad one.  Strangely he thought we only played covers when most of the set was our own songs. Anyway, you can read Micahel Bohli’s report for the online hobbyzine Art Noir here: Each to his own.
I totally enjoyed the evening and really enjoy playing with these guys. Thanks Scratches for the invite!
And here’s a couple of videos from the night:
Spaceman’s Tale
Faith Healer (Sensational Alex Harvey Band)
Fri, 10 September 2010

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60. Bring me your sound(play)

Mister Bell got back from a British Minitour so he warbles on about that and then shares the dates of his Swiss mini tour this month. He just goes on and on without saying anything interesting at all. Thankfully there is good music to stop you drifting off into a stupour or unsubscribing completely. But only if you send it to us.
Alex Harvey – Nervous, The Geese – Tinder, Phil Brown – You’ve got me floating (live), Richard Kapp and the Gowns – Pieces, Shank Godley Butcher – Noone Wins, Kol Simcha – Freilach, Edith Piaf – Le vieux piano