Here’s a few photos from down the years:-

The Secret Life of Andrew Aston. We took a few shots to get a cover for our record Memoirs of a Goldfish. This was one we didn’t pick. (2016)


The Nots with Chris Glen, 2017. At Glasgow’s Hard Rock Café on what would be our last British Tour.



Tour poster from Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. We did 8 UK Tours and this was my favourite. Mike Drew took the photo for this. (2015)

Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band in Biel pic from Mischa Dickenhof. Ina doing her thing, Baldi on drums and Hanspeter on guitar, who sadly died in 2018 looking straight to camera. (2014)
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Giant Stone Eater playing support to Don Airey and Friends ft Roger Glover

Promo Shot of the first gigging line up of Giant Stone Eater, although I consider this lineup Mk II. (2013)

Video shoot with Giant Stone Eater (2013)

Andreas, bassist from Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band with Chris Glen of the original band. Chris was a massive help and very kind to us whenever we played in Glasgow. And, yep, that is Chris’ bass which he lent us for the night. Actually Zal Cleminson came to see us a couple of times too and even lent his guitar for a whole tour.  Great guys. (2012)


Promo shot by Ralph Kuehne for Sinking Ships (c.2011)

First gig Gordon Bell and The Sinking Ships, at the legendary Casa Bar in Zurich. (2009)

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