©2009 Smitten Skunk Productions

It was meant to be loving and uplifiting, but somehow it came out all twisted and satirical. Ah well, it does have a couple of love songs on it at least.

You can hear samples and buy it on Itunes.

Track Listing
1. Song for the Broken Hearted (4:44) FREE TRACK
2. Don’t Go (3:44)
3. Lucky Stars (4:12)
4. Weightless (4:32)
5. American Boys (4:30)
6. White Collar Slave (4:38)
7. The Policeman (3:16)
8. Cold War (4:13)
9. Until the End of Day (4:40)
10. Rock Time (5:29)

additional guitars tracks 4 and 6 – Grant Jamieson
guitars tracks 5 and 8 – Grant Jamieson
backing vocals track 4, 5 and 6 – Salome Meli
viola track 7 – Salome Meli

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