Gustav Bertha explores the more intimate sides of life. He does it with a piano and a sharp lyrical scalpel that gets all the way under your skin.

©2007 Smitten Skunk Productions


Track Listing

1. The End of the World (4:08)
2. The Boy Who Could Pee for Miles (3:37)
3. Death and Taxes (4:40)
4. She Needs a Man (2:33)
5. Happy (3:48)
6. You’ve Got to Leave Him Woman (4:14)
7. Yesterday’s Man (4:24) FREE TRACK
8. Plenty More Fish (3:56)
9. Too Late to Say Goodbye (3:20)
10. Dirty Secret (2:43)

viola on 3 and 9 – Salome Meli


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