The following music is podsafe. You can download and play it on your podcast or radio show without prior permission from me. You can also copy it to whichever media you like and share it with your friends, relatives and pets. You can use it for films you make too. Of course if you do this I’d love to know about it!

Please don’t sell this music for profit without prior permission. If you are a charity and would like to raise money using my music, please get in touch with me to discuss this.

Podsafe/Free Albums

Gustav Bertha – Z:06
Gustav Bertha – Songs For Gigi

Podsafe/Free Tracks

Gordon Bell
2014 Stars
2012 Flying Kites
2011 Limbo Dancing
2010 Three Days to the Moon
2009 Song for the Broken Hearted

Gordon Bell and the Sinking Ships
2011 Strange Day

Gustav Bertha
2008 Bad Blood
2007 Yesterday’s Man
2005 Bullets have more eloquence than words
2004 Jackboot
2003 The Sound of My Own Breathing
2002 I am
2002 My Mind’s a Tyrant
2001 Que Sera
2001 Lonley Stressfree Happy
2001 She Paints
2001 Blurred Vision Fuzzy Strangers
2001 Credit Cards & Aeroplanes
2001 Girl in a Bar
2001 Hors D’Ouevre
2001 Fantastic Weekend
2001 Northern Skies
2001 We can watch the moon.

  1. So, do you think anything from the new solo album and Sinking Ships EP will make its way here soon? 🙂

    • gordypops said:

      Hi Jason, I am working on it. Just got to work out which *single* from the sinking ships record to give away and it’ll appear here. the rest is updated… finally!

    • gordypops said:

      at last I have sorted this!

  2. caffeinetangent said:

    Hey Gordon, you need to update the music links here! Great show #80!

    • gordypops said:

      I know… I know… I’ll get to it honest!

    • gordypops said:

      finally, it is done!!!

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