Gustav Bertha’s 8th and final record.


Gustav takes you on a lyrical journey to Northern Lands. At times it’s like a warm peat fire in the corner of the pub, at others it’s the broken bottle against your larynx in the car park out back. Enjoy!

©2008 Smitten Skunk Productions


Track Listing

1. The Alien (4:06)
2. Bad Blood (4:00) FREE TRACK
3. National Shame (3:55)
4. Paper and Sand (4:48)
5. Regicide (5:21)
6. The Story of Samuel Bell (4:11)
7. Northern Town (5:08)
8. Communism (4:09)
9. Fix Me Up (2:58)
10. Gone (5:52)

accoustic guitars track 4 – Martin Würfl
backing vocal track 7 – Salome Meli


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