A cool smoke laden mellow trip through the bohemian central european rail cafes. Pop tinged with folk and lofi influences.

©2002 Smitten Skunk Productions

This CD has sold out and has no online store. If you’re interested in a copy, mail me.
Track Listing
1. My Mind’s a Tyrant FREE TRACK
2. Getting Off
3. Cafe Creme
4. a Peace of Me
5. My Mind’s a Tyrant – Warped
6. The Restraint of Beasts
7. Too Close to the Sun
8. Erotomanic
9. Wet Days
10. My Mind’s a Tyrant – Apocalypse

– track 5 remix by Ken Warp
– track 10 remix by Ian Simpson
– viola on 1 & 5, Salome Meli
– backing vocal on 7, Salome Meli


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