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111. January is Mellow

Gordon eases you into a new year of way past bedtime with a mellow easy collection of fantastic tracks.

So Brown – Bad Love,
Jim Keller – Walk You Home,
The Slit Plasters – Dungfly,
Toini – Mellow,
We Steal Flyers – Nowhere to Sail,
Bombay Laughing Club – You want it all



107. I woke up in a successful independent country.

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Gordon is somewhat cheesed off at his far from brave countrymen. He salves his battered soul and hopefully yours with some great music.

Louis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses – Blow,
A Beautiful Curse – Alone in here,
Shockbox – Osmosis,
DownTown Mystic – Brian Jones,
Spring Clock Wonder – feedback powers the sun,
Alun Parry – The Football Song,
Daniemon – Step Away From The Screen

Gordon is back in Switzerland after New Year, but only just what with passport mix ups and so on. This is the 99th show, and it is amazing with great music like

Traveling Broke and Out of Gas – Run for your lives,
Woodrow Gerber – Limited,
Jims Big Ego – My Cult,
Lizzie Davis – Broken Things,
Dead in 5 – Wreck Your World,
Kito Peters – X-ray,
The Kelly Richey Band – Fast Drivin Mama,
Gordon Scott – The Subterraneans

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Gordon and Kat do another interview with Phillipe Savary on Radio LORA. It is Christmas after all. Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Jacques Brel, The Secret Life of Andrew Aston, We Are Not From Norway, Rio Reiser, Giant Stone Eater, Gordon Bell are all played on the show most of whom of course involve either Kat or Gordon or both. Excuse the fBombs.

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Yep folks, time for another show. Look, I haven’t been able to get this registered back in iTunes yet oweing to the system they have being a bit tricky. So please subscribe via the feedburner feed. I’m working on it honest! Feedburner feed is this one:-

Way Past Bedtime #96.The Last Harvest
Gordon accidentally records his show on Halloween. Oh well, the music is good though. Aye.
When the Sun Always Shines – Ghost Children of Calico,
Life Cycles – Nothing Til Blood,
Weeping Willow – Persian Claws,
Nosi – Sect23,
I Met The Devil – King Pug,
Leaf In The Tree – Frozen Ocean Wave,
Ready, Willing, and Able – Kris Brown,
Edward Goreys Bedtime Story – Nights Bright Colors
An August edition of Way Past Bedtime inspite of the feed problems, please share the podcast round, it has great music from little known musicians.

On Returning – An Island for your Savium,
Fabe Vega – Anybody,
Special Guests – Mayor Wilson,
Minor Delilah – Sorry on Sunday,
King Pug – Think About It,
Kara Square and Piero Peluche – Pheromones,
Project Revival – Texas,
The House of Jed – Coming Off Pretty

There was a podcast last month, but I have run into problems with the webspace holding the shows feed, so chances are you didn’t get it. I’ll fix this at some point. But as always the show must go on! Keep watching the blog on for now and you will miss no shows.

#93 Way Past Bedtime: It is HOT!

The heat is crushing in Basel but Gordon’s relishing it and what better weather to push out a show of brilliant chilled out tracks.
Pretty Visitors – Down The Line,
Andy Palmer – The Monk,
Alexander Chereshnev – Diskotanz,
Soft Plastic – Halilopeux,
AM – Wayside,
Alamanac Mountain – Manzanita,
202s – Shoot You Down,
All India Radio – Open Sky Experiment