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129. A Day Late and a Dollar Short


Gordon misses his own self imposed schedule. Hey it is summer, give him a break. He recompenses you with fabtastic tunes.
Dish Pit – Trash Queen,
Rom Com – Astronaut,
Fragile Tom – Puzzles,
Monk Turner + Fascinoma – HOLD ON,
Arc Iris – Swimming,
The Special Pillow – An Overwhelming No

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127. Memoirs of a Goldfish


Summer has started, although you might not believe it, infact you might forget it as a goldfish is reputed to do. However the music is of course unforgettable.

Black Flamingo – Heavy Life,
Phil McCammon – Aware,
The Audacity – Dirty Boy,
The Secret Life of Andrew Aston – Japanese Mass Production Cars,
Oh Bree – Moon,
Ryoma Maeda & Romantic Suiciders – Boys, Be Ambitious


Hey, I’m singing some “jazz” songs at the Siorée Lundi!

30.May.2016 Sääli vom Goldenen Fass, Basel
with Sarah Maria Bürgin, Max Zitser, Stefania Chiara, Ursus Bachthaler, Marco Nenniger, Florian Haas

Kicks off around 8pm. It’s the best damn thing going on this Monday and just maybe the rest of the week too. Drop by, say hello.




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125. Emancipation


It’s nearly the first of May. Workers revolt and emancipate yourselves from your corporate slavemasters, but not before listening to this editions selection of the sublime.

Raw Pony – I wanna bleed,
Jovian Year – Absurdius Rex,
Ben Warga – Bengali Baby,
Kimbo – Guardo Il Mundo,
Lindsay Ferguson – Chameleon,
Andrea Samborski – Tiger Lilies

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Gordon is back from touring with Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Tonight he does a mix tape type of a show with great music to colour your Autumn days.

Black Math – Reckless Thought,
Dasie Mae – the Winter of my First Love,
Jaunitos – Oriental Fever,
Al Geaux – War Room,
Manana me Chanto – Dub Del Perro,
Kai Engel – Summer Days

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Gordon is back after a trip from America, shortly before he goes of on another one with Not The Sensational Alex Harvey Hand. He brings you great music.

Octagrape – Sungazers
Stereoshape – Staring at the Sky
Mekons – Now We Have The Bomb
Bloodgod – Wrecking Ball Suprise
David Mumford – Singing in the Rain
Graham Bole – Theme for Rosa

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A real rush for Gordon to get a show out in July here it is and guess what, it really does have great music.

Vitamin Pets – Dig a hole,
Anna Maria Zinke – Where has she gone,
The Easton Ellises – Black Love,
Derek Clegg – Disappear,
White Hills – You Dream You see,
Monk Parker – I wanna be forgotten