Lesson #1 – Do your own flyers

scannen0001Back in March I played a show in a lovely wee vegan café here in Zürich called Café Zähringer with a great duo called Ad-hoc.

Anyhow, as is usual they asked me for some press details and stuff which I did. Now quite often you give places your bio and pictures and you get flyers and press that bears no relation to what you send them. Whoever does them at Café Zäh did what is so far one of my outright favourites, quite wonderful as you can see!

Very appropriate too given the Cafe Zäh is smack bang in the middle of Zürich’s pink quartier.

They even managed to errrr…. pin my music down! “Fat pop songs accompanied by his stamping  wooden shoes.”

Is it cos I is Scottish?

1 comment
  1. thefamilysimpson said:

    That’s a good angle! It should be the headline on your site.
    I didn’t know you had clogs? Did their geography lessons go awry?

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